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About Us


Tarek elaweidi interiors since it is foundation in 1988 we are striving to meet the demands of customers unique style.

Tarek elaweidi
interior is leading co. for manufacturing classic and modern home furniture and airport free duty shops.

And we specified to offer you our design solutions and our furniture using the latest technology in making attractive designs with high finishing this all from consultant's engineers and technicians the latest decorations.

We are proud to be number 1 and pioneer in all furnishing the free duty shops in Egypt
Tarek EL Ewdeidi for Interiors has the honor to present to you our portfolio, that we used to establish science 1998, and our activities include many fields, and we will show you a brief bout some of our projects, for Example (2005 - 2004),

We hope that our projects meets your satisfaction, and also we hope we can cooperate with you, and to get the chance to offer our company services to your respected company, and that will open the way to a useful cooperation.


1- Public Places:


Our Company had established a lot of public places like:


Egypt Company for free duty markets:

  • Transit hall of Cairo International Airport.

  • Arrival and Departure Hall of Cairo International Airport.

  • Arrival and Departure Hall of Sharm el Sheikh International Airport.

  • Departure Hall of Luxor International Airport.

  • Importing all the Office Unites for all Hotels Representation Offices, Tourism Companies offices, and Banks in the new departure hall, in Cairo International Airport.



Mobarak Academy for Security:-

  • Establishing the Mr. President's main festivals Hall with:

    • Tables.

    • Salons.

    • Curtains Stuff, and also Ministers' sub-halls.

    • We establish some of the Academy's buildings for Students Settlements. (Beds, etc…)

    • We establish some of the Academy's buildings for Students' Studying Places.

    • Importing All Office furniture for some of top management rooms in the Academy.


Office Furniture:-

  • The company had established a lot of works in this field for example:

    • Carpentry and Furniture Works for "شركة مصر للمقاصة و التسوية و الحفظ المركزي", company are related to Money Market Company – EL Gomhoria Street

    • Establishing the Headquarters for International Bair Company in Cairo Garden City – Cairo.

    • The Company had done the carpentry static works and Furnishing for Egypt – Iran Bank, Giza Branch.

  • Also the company had done a lot of Headquarters for Investments Companies like:

    • National Travel Services for Tourism ( Ever Green Tour – Talat Harb Street)

    • The Management building for Super Foods Company for Foods, El Mokatam Hill, the management in 6 October Factory.


2- Home Furniture

The company had established a big number of houses, which had a special manner, and Luxurious housing unites from Villas and Palaces (In and Out Egypt) and this with all required pieces of furniture.


3- Hotels Furniture


The company had done a lot of works in Hotel field, for example:

  • Meridian Hotel:

    • A Hall and a Bar had been done; also we had imported all pieces of furniture from Salons, Wallpapers, and main counter.

    • We done the receptions with waiting furniture, wallpapers, and reception counter.

  • Gizera Sheraton:

    • We renew reception with furniture, tables, counter, roofs and grind floors.

    • We renew the restaurant in the first floor.

  • Switch Hotel:

    • The company had renew the rooms of the third and forth floor. (1998 - 1997)

  • G.W Marriott Hotel

    • The Company had imported some of pieces of furniture in the reception (Consol – Sofa - tables).

  • Float Hotels::

    • Fortune  Hotel

    • Prince Omar.

    • Miss Egypt